What is a trademark?
A trademark is a word, name, logo, slogan, symbol or phrase that you can use to identify your products and services.  Essentially, these items can create an identity for your business.  Your marks protect your hard-earned reputation as a proven leader in your industry.  In addition, your marks distinguish you from your competitors.
How do I select my mark?
We can assist you in selecting your mark.  To assist you, we will explain the categories of marks - arbitrary, fanciful, suggestive, merely descriptive and generic.  Also, we will explain which of these categories give you the best protection.  Before making your final selection, we can assist you in conducting searches to confirm availability.
How do I register my mark?
The most important thing you can do to protect your mark is to register it with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  The initial term of registration is 10 years, with 10-year renewal terms.  We have extensive experience in registering marks with the USPTO and the State of Texas.  We will advise you what information we need from you to register your mark.
Other related services

In addition to helping you select and register your mark, we can also help you maintain and manage associated portfolios and registrations, both domestically and internationally.  We are also experienced at rendering related opinions.  Finally, we can represent you in trademark litigation, and in cancellation and opposition proceedings at the USPTO.
Contact us at no charge to discuss any questions you may have about protecting your trademarks, and to get the process started.