Superior Litigation Attorney

"I retained Mr. Quisenberry to assist with a complex patent litigation campaign to assert a set of patents against a substantial number of large fortune 500 companies for their ongoing infringement. Mr. Quisenberry has the ability to focus on the critical issues for each of the various patent infringement lawsuits that were filed to achieve successful outcomes. Mr. Quisenberry has strong legal analysis and ability to communicate such positions to the Court and opposing counsel in a straightforward manner. In addition, Mr. Quisenberry is efficient in his legal representation. I would recommend Mr. Quisenberry as litigation counsel for patent infringement matters."

Kevin, 1/30/19
Trademark filing

"Dale Quisenberry was excellent in filing all of my tradmark applications. He was very efficient and answered any questions in a timely manner. Definitely would recommend him."

Randy, 1/28/19
Highly Recommended

"Mr. Quisenberry is a very knowledgeable attorney in his area of expertise. I hired Mr. Quisenberry for a trademark dispute. He explained to me clearly what the law stated in these cases. The matter had 2 options to undertake. Mr. Quisenberry explained to me the pros and cons of taking each path as well as the financial costs of each one and if the investment was worth the time. That’s a very honest attorney. Most I’ve deal with in the past, would have recommended the more costly route. I highly recommend Mr. Quisenberry."

Rodrigo, 1/24/19
Knowledgeable and easy to work with

"Dale is a great resource, if you are pursuing a patent or trademark. His work is meticulous and thorough. He works to understand your vision and uses his skills to guide you to build the strongest patent for your product. I was completely new to this process but quickly began to see the many pitfalls that would have derailed my effort, but Dale lead me through them all with ease. I highly recommend working with him."

Jesse, 1/30/19
Dale Quisenberry Your Go To Business Lawyer

"Hire Dale Quisenberry if you want Top Notch service when it comes down to ANYTHING dealing with intellectual property for your business! My business currently has several patents and trademarks that were all filed by his office. From my very first consultation, Dale has been with me and my company every step of the way. His understanding of the world of intellectual property is truly second to none, but his main asset is the ability to explain that world in a way that is palatable to the client. His office keeps you up to date on ALL DEADLINES and they are very thorough in discussing all options. As a business operating on an international scale, having your company protected is essential, and since working with Dale and his office I truly can’t see myself working with any other attorney. I highly recommend him for your business needs."

Shondo, 1/30/19