File Your Patent Application First!
The most important thing an inventor or business seeking patent protection should know is this: do not offer to sell, sell or use in public your invention before first filing a patent application.  You should keep your invention secret, not place it on sale or in public use, and not disclose it to anyone other than your patent attorney until after your patent application is on file.
We Secure U.S. and Foreign Patents
We help individuals, start-ups and established businesses of all sizes protect their technology through the patent process.  We are experienced in preparing, filing and prosecuting patent applications in the United States Patent Trademark Office (USPTO).  We also have an established network of foreign patent associates around the world to secure foreign counterpart patent protection on your inventions around the globe.
Experienced in Broad Range of Technologies
We have experience in obtaining and litigating patents in a broad variety of technologies, including computer software, medical devices, remote computer monitoring software, oil field equipment and processes, wrinkle-reducing cosmetics, patient monitoring and treatment systems, cellular telephones and networks, smartphones and tablets, online diet planners, traffic information systems, in-car vehicle navigation systems, portable navigation devices, retractable USB thumb drives, laser levels, performance measuring footwear, chemical paint compositions, precast concrete road construction structures, remote data storage systems, computer chip design, lenticular optics, combat training devices, herbal compositions, weather sensing and reporting devices, computer accessories, computer cases, and health care systems.
Appeals, IPRs, etc.
In addition to prosecuting patent applications within the USPTO, we also represent clients in proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB), including appeals from Examiner rejections of patent applications and Inter Partes Review (IPR) proceedings.
Contact us at no charge to discuss any questions you may have about patenting your invention and get the process started.