Trained and Experienced

Dale has been certified as a mediator through the well-known and highly-respected 40-hour mediation course at South Texas College of Law.  Dale’s 26 years’ of litigation experience including negotiating successful settlements of hundreds of lawsuits and participating in numerous successful mediations as counsel for one of the parties has been key to his success as a mediator.  Dale’s mediation training and hands on real-life experience positions him well to assist you in settling your lawsuit.

Broker of Peace

Dale views his role in mediation as a “peace broker.”  He functions as a neutral third party.  He does not act as judge or jury.  And while he is an experienced lawyer, his role is not to provide legal advice to either side; that is the role of each party’s own counsel.  Instead, Dale facilitates communications between the parties in a safe, civil, comfortable and confidential environment to help the parties find common ground.  And it is not uncommon for Dale to engage in “shuttle diplomacy” similar to what James A. Baker III did as Secretary of State in the Mid-East during the Reagan years.

The Mediation Process

Mediations are typically scheduled for a half or full day.  We can host the mediation at our office or at any location agreed to by the parties.  We do note that if the mediation is for a full day and hosted here at our office, we treat everyone to a delicious lunch from a local restaurant.

The mediation will begin with everyone together in our conference room in a “joint session.”  Dale will give his opening remarks, and then give each side an opportunity to make a statement about the case, and also allow for questions and an exchange between the parties.  Dale has found that this helps the parties to set an agenda of issues that need to be discussed and resolved in order to achieve a successful mediation.

It is not uncommon for the discussion in the joint session to reach a point where it makes sense to separate the parties to allow Dale to have private confidential discussions with each side.  This is where the “shuttle diplomacy” comes into play.  It gives Dale an opportunity to use his mediation skills and training to facilitate an exchange of offers and counteroffers between the parties, and to “broker peace.”

Flexible Fees

We are flexible in setting our fee.  It is typically a set amount per side depending on whether the mediation is for a half or full day, and also depends on the nature of the lawsuit.  Give us a call at (832) 680-5000 to discuss this further and to schedule your mediation.