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Contingent-Fee Patent Litigation

Often, independent inventors and small companies own valuable patents that are being infringed by large corporations, but lack the financial resources to file patent infringement lawsuits and enforce their patents in court.  I have devoted a part of my practice to helping such inventors and companies by enforcing their patents in court in exchange for a contingent-fee.  My partners at Polasek, Quisenberry & Errington and I get paid only if successful in obtaining a recovery. We are flexible in negotiating contingency and alternative billing arrangements, with the range depending on the nature of the case.  We also litigate cases on a mixed hourly-fee / contingent-fee basis.
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Dale Quisenberry
For more information on the contingent-fee aspect of my practice, and to learn what information you need to send me so I can evaluate your case, please call me at (832) 724-1510, or send me an e-mail at: